Solutions for Oracle/MICROS RES 3700 Point-of-Sale

Zuldi mPOS for MICROS 3700.

Add mobility to your POS with iPads or Android tablets.
Keep all your existing infrastructure.
Zero learning curve.


Mobile Payments.

Secure Magstripe EMV Contactless payments.
Capture Digital Signatures and email/text receipts.
Take your POS out of PCI Compliance.

Payment Processors Supported:

Autosequences & Reports.

Run your existing Autosequences & Reports from the Cloud. Anywhere. Anytime.
All your custom reports and autosequences work automatically.
Zero learning curve.

Custom Integrations.

Integrate any system with Oracle/MICROS 3700.
Automate manual tasks.
Optimize your operations.
Seamsless integration with your loyalty & rewards systems.