Solutions for Oracle/MICROS RES 3700 Point-of-Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zuldi?

Ripping and replacing your entire Point of Sale system is simply not an option. Zuldi helps merchants develop next generation cloud based solutions that integrate to their current Point of Sale system. Reduce fraud, reduce chargebacks, accept EMV and NFC payments, optimize labor, integrate loyalty systems, and become more data driven.

Who can use Zuldi?

Zuldi’s solutions are for any merchant utilizing the Oracle-Micros 3700 Point-of-Sale system. Integration to other Legacy Point of Sale systems are underway.

How much does Zuldi cost?

Zuldi charges a flat-monthly rate for its Mobile Point-of-Sale system depending on the number of tablets and locations being on-boarded. Enterprise level agreements available.

How are payments processed?

Zuldi enables merchants to accept EMV (Chip and Signature) and NFC (ApplePay, AndroidPay) payments on-the-go using Encrypted Credit Card readers.

What happens to PCI Compliance?

Zuldi limits merchants PCI scope by processing all payments on Encrypted Credit Card readers attached to tablets that accept EMV and NFC payments. Sensitive Card Data is removed from the POS system, reducing risk of fraud and chargebacks.